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Wrap n Roll

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The earliest wrap I remember eating is the roti sabzi in my lunch box in school. I never had the time to eat in the break, so my mother would take the sabzi and roll it up in a roti or parantha. This was just perfect for an active child to munch on while fooling around with friends during recess at school. Things have not changed much. My wife Alyona packs the same roti sabzi for our daughters. Yes, there is this little bit of aluminium foil to cover the roll and there are a lot of variations in coverings and the stuffing, but then again, ours is a foodies' home.

Wrap n Roll gives you numerous options for snacks that are healthy, that take away the 'junk' from junk food and that give you a taste of foreign cuisine. There are also several options that are so filling they are mini-meals in themselves. You will realise that a lot of creative thinking has gone into making the collection of recipes as varied as they are. For vegetarians, there are Baked Corn Rolls, Manchurian Rolls and more. Non-vegetarians can choose from Shawarma, Seafood Spring Rolls and many others. For weight watchers, the Salad Wraps and the Ratatouille Wraps are just perfect and the Satay Wraps or the Santa Fe Wraps are for those who do not mind eating and then burning it all off. For party lovers, the Tortilla Rolls are lovely make-ahead starters. All one has to do is cut it up into small bite-sized pieces and serve with toothpicks. For those who prefer the crunch of deep-fried food with ketchup, there are Sago-Potato Rolls and Vegetable Rolls. All the recipes will make four portions and this has to be kept in mind while planning the meal.

Dimension 7.5 inches x 9.75 inches

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