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Scrumptious Salads
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Scrumptious Salads

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No dish is as versatile as a salad. It lends itself to any occasion; it can be an accompaniment or play a lead role on a menu; it can be eaten cold or warm; virtually any ingredient can be part of a salad-fruit, vegetables, nuts and cereals; the textures of a salad can range from crunchy and crisp, to soft and creamy all in the same mouthful; and the colours of a fresh salad can dazzle on a plate. Salads can be as lean or as luxurious as one desires. Apart from the main ingredient, the dressings is what gives a salad its character and flavour.

Enrobe your salad with a thin film of extra-virgin olive oil or a velvety cloak of mayonnaise and revel in the scrumptious flavours bursting on your tongue. Try out the recipes in this vegetarian collection I have put together for you, and with every bite, celebrate the ever-refreshing, never-failing-to-impress scrumptious salad.

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