Sanjeev Kapoor's Tiffins
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Sanjeev Kapoor's Tiffins

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One dilemma that troubles most mothers of school-going children is what to pack in their tiffin boxes. It has to be something that will appeal to the youngsters so that they will eat it all. Same is the case with working people. My new offering Tiffins-Delicious and healthy khana for dabba will make life simpler. My first memories are of my own dabba, enjoying the lunch break at school, relishing the food packed so lovingly by my mother. Now, at home too I see my wife Alyona trying to make something new every now and then so that our daughters bring home empty tiffin boxes. I have shared my entire experience in this book. Children do get bored of eating the same foods. Even adults enjoy something other than the daily fare. People these days like to carry packed home-made food rather than pick up something from outside -because health takes prominence over anything else -and who can dispute the fact that home-made food is the healthiest?

The word 'tiffin' originated in British India, and is used extensively even today in Indian English. It became popular when the Indian custom of light snacks replaced the British practice of afternoon tea. In South India, the term is generally used for snacks that are enjoyed in-between-meals. In other parts of India, the word usually refers to a packed lunch of some sort, in particular the light lunches packed for working people or for school-going children. Tiffin often consists of rice, dal, curry, vegetables, chapattis, spicy meat or fish. Here I am giving you interesting recipes and combinations that would remove boredom and also make even the fussiest eater finish everything that is packed in the lunch box. Delight your child with a Nutella Sandwich or a Chicken and Cheese Sandwich to nibble on during the short break. Pack a helping of Kale Chane Puri or Pasta Hot Pot for the long break. You can enjoy these delights in your dabba too. And for those who like sweets, pack a Chocolate Brownie or a Tutti-fruity Cupcake. And if I may warn you, besure to pack extra food for our colleagues -they will definitely want some too.All the recipes are for four portions. When you pack your tiffin box, you can make a full recipe if you are going to share the food, or simply halve or quarter the portions, as you wish.

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