Sanjeev Kapoor Low Salt Cookbook
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Sanjeev Kapoor Low Salt Cookbook

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Salt is the life of every savoury recipe. We all agree with that. However with high stress levels and daily health issues it has become prudent for most people to keep an eye on their daily intake of salt. Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor maintains that monitored intake of salt is of utmost importance in this Low-Salt Cookbook. And as a chef par excellence he uses his talent to improvise upon all the basic recipes that we enjoy and has ensured that all the flavours are kept intact. Choose from any course -a soup like Makai aur Shimla Mirch Soup or a crispy Prawn Varuval to whet the appetite; move on to a fancy Tawa Vegetables or Tamatar Murgh Kofta for mains or simply have a one-dish meal of rice such as the intriguing Baoli Handi. Once in a while, for a simple meal of dal-roti do try a combination of Dal Bahar and Pudine Paranthe. The Low-Salt Cookbook is full of ideas and suggestions that make low salt cooking a breeze for any cook. No more wondering if low salt food tastes okay because each recipe in this book is perfected by Sanjeev Kapoor and have his inimitable stamp of excellence.

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