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Sanjeev Kapoor

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Noodles & Rice

Noodles & Rice
Sanjeev Kapoor's Promise of Quality

Noodles & Rice

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A selection of Veg an Non-Vegetarian noodle and rice dishes guaranteed to leave you asking for more.


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All over the world, and in India too, rice symbolises prosperity and fertility. The most common form of rice is the simple steamed or boiled rice. More elaborate and exotic dishes have developed over time as local spices and ingredients were added. The humble grain has taken on a luxurious garb, cloaked in aromatic flavours and enriched with among other ingredients, yogurt, butter, legumes, vegetable, meats and seafood.

Over the years, noodles have become an integral part of an urban meals, be it the instant variety, or authentic Chinese noodles. Chinese noodles are made from moong beans, rice, wheat and eggs and come in a variety of textures, lengths and shapes. Those made from moong beans, also called cellophane noodles, are thread-like and slippery and are cooked by just soaking in hot water. You can put them in soups and stir-fries, just steam them, or even fry them to a crisp! Egg noodles are made by mixing wheat flour, water and eggs and are recognisably yellow.

In Noodles and Rice, I have put together a collection of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian noodle and rice dishes. Slurp on delicious Chicken Noodle Soup, savour Spicy Noodles with Seafood, try out flavoursome Chilli-Lemon Stewed Vegetables with Noodles, the hearty Brinjal Pulao, the light Thengai Sadham, the healthy Brown Rice Vegetable Pilaf, and the exotic Nasi Lamek, to name a few. 


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ISBN : 978-81-7991-761-9

Format : Hard bound

Actual Weight : 90

Volumetric Weight : 100

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