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Fun Food For Fussy Kids

Fun Food For Fussy Kids
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Fun Food For Fussy Kids

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You will find feeding your fussy little darlings ever so easy with this cookery book.


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The idea of coming out with this book ‘Fun Food for Fussy Kids’ took shape as I have often been asked by worried mothers about what to, how to and when to feed their little ones, because most of them have children who make them run around in circles at meal time. I sympathise with them completely for I know how they feel… I have two growing daughters at home. They are in their teens now and a tad less fussy, but I remember during their early years how often Alyona would be at her wit’s end over what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner so that our little darlings would eat without much fuss.

Cooking fun food for kids is not an easy task, but if your kid is fussy and picks at food, then the task becomes doubly challenging. While cooking for children one has to keep in mind the importance of a balanced diet. Growing bodies and minds need the right kind of nutrients in the right quantity in order to develop into healthy adulthood. Fortunately for us, there is a wide variety of food available today and one need not repeat any particular item often. Though it is difficult to cook for fussy children, it can be made a lot easier if you involve them in the planning of the menu, cooking and serving. We usually think that children will not be interested in cooking. But believe me a lot of children are. And I am saying this from personal experience. At home, especially on Sundays, our daughters Rachita and Kriti tinker around in the kitchen. The golden rule is to ask them and involve them, not just instruct them. If you treat cooking as a game they will also feel happy to take part. You could also ask them for ideas about what they would like to eat. Sometimes something they have eaten at a friend’s place catches their fancy and they would like you to cook something similar at home too. Once you know their preferences you can shop accordingly. And yes, take them along while shopping for these special dishes. Try this and you will see that the children will enjoy themselves thoroughly. All the dishes in this book are meant for four portions keeping in mind that they will form a part of a menu. The portion size has been adjusted according to a child’s appetite. Also the spice levels have been reduced to suit children. If you are cooking these dishes for adults, you will need to increase the quantities accordingly.

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ISBN : 978-81-7991-607-0

Format : Hard bound

Actual Weight : 150

Volumetric Weight : 300

Product Dimension : 7’ x 9’

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