Delicious Soups
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Delicious Soups

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We all crave a bowl of steaming soup every now and then. Soups are healthy and comforting, and they don't always have to be straight out of a tin or packet. Wouldn't it be fun to make your own steaming bowl from scratch.
No added preservatives, flavour or colour, just natural ingredients and a recipe in hand. Home-made soups don't cost much, are a lot of fun to make, and a healthy choice, when you're craving a snack. A clear soup will cleanse your palate or set the tone before a fine dining experience. However, soups are no longer just a prelude to a meal.
They can easily be the main event-a thick and chunky soup, with a piece of crusty bread on the side, makes for a truly filling meal. Stir up a quick soup on the go, or put on a pot and let it simmer till liquid gold.
Throw in some leftovers-surprisingly good additions to soups -and you have a bowl of contentment that will leave you with a warm afterglow. Find out how, with my selection of Indian and international soups.
Sip on the light and refreshing Clear Lemon and Coriander Soup; slurp on delicious Creamed Red Pumpkin and Apple Soup; indulge on the creamy Mushroom Soup with Almonds; or guzzle a bowl of rustic Spinach and Rice Soup and treat your senses to some delicious soups.

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